My name is Rachel. 


I am passionate about cultivating connection, telling stories, and living my life in grounded authenticity. 


My journey began when I was 11, when I experienced a trauma that left me with crippling anxiety and PTSD symptoms. At such a young age, I had no concept of how to deal with that pain; I ended up turning to theatre and found a passion, voice, and sense of belonging I had never felt before. Acting truly saved my life. It showed me my power, and most importantly, the power of empathy. I felt for the first time that I knew what I was meant to do in this world: share stories. 


At 18, I moved from my home state of Wisconsin to Missouri and got my BFA in Acting; later my MA in Classical and Contemporary Text from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Just before I moved abroad, I found yoga and meditation; or rather, it found me. That summer, I was living at home and working three jobs. I was miserable at one job, where I was spending most of my time, and honestly, I was just tired. I missed my friends, and was anxious about moving to a new country. But I made time for yoga, every day, and something started to shift in me. I felt strong. I felt my body properly for the first time. I experienced less stress. And people noticed that change in me too! I continued to practice yoga every day in graduate school. Yoga kept me grounded. Yoga gave me community. Yoga gave me a space to heal. I think I came back to it every day because it made me feel better, even though I couldn't exactly name why at the time. I just felt better, happier, stronger. I had an incredible year as an artist as I learned more about myself, and how to explore and express my feelings. 


This began my journey of true healing and coming home to myself. And these worlds, acting and healing, started to connect. The more work (unearthing) I do in my soul, the more I calm my nervous system and work with myself in a holistic way, the more grounded of an actor I become. I am able to tell stories with more ease and from a much more authentic, embodied place. 


I am here to share what I know and tell stories. A Gemini dream.


If you are looking for better access to the tools you already have inside, or holistic resources as you drop self doubt to gain clarity in your path, let's work together. I'm here for you.


I am also passionate about collaborating with other courageous storytellers to bring new voices to the theatrical landscape. I am a student of Sarah Baskin at Anthony Meindl Acting Workshop and am an ensemble member & social media manager with Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre.