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Hello! My name is Rachel.


I am passionate about telling stories and have been from a young age.

So, I became an actor & writer. 


I am also passionate about personal finance. Nothing was more empowering than getting my finances in order and realizing that I can create the life of my dreams.

So, I became a coach. 


The threads through all areas of my life are my core values of authenticity, compassion, and curiosity. 


My journey began at the age of 11, when I experienced a trauma that left me with crippling anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Feeling lost on how to deal with the pain, I ended up turning to theatre. Acting truly saved my life. I found a sense of belonging I had never felt before. The theater showed me my power, and most importantly, the power of empathy. I felt for the first time that I knew what I was meant to do in this world: share stories. At 18, I moved from my home state of Wisconsin to Missouri and got my BFA in Acting and later, my MA in Classical and Contemporary Text from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 


Around the same time I moved to Scotland (2015), I began practicing yoga & meditation. I made time and space for yoga every day during graduate school. Yoga kept me grounded, gave me community, and a space to heal. I felt better, happier, stronger. As I learned more about myself, I had a truly incredible year as an artist.


Yoga kickstarted the journey of coming home to myself.  I discovered how to regulate my nervous system and feel my feelings in a healthy way. And gosh darn it if that wasn’t just the best thing for my acting career too. For me, a holistic spiritual life led to authentic acting. 


I am a student of Anthony Meindl Acting Workshop and am an alum of Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre. I’ve had the honor of acting all over the country, including at The Public Theater and the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. If you want a peek at me on camera, check out my reel


My journey as an artist & yogi actually led me to my other passion: money.


When I moved to NYC, I was waiting tables and teaching yoga to make ends meet while auditioning for roles; and I was FULL of shame when it came to money. Even though I started working at 16, I never learned how to manage my money and continued to fall into a cycle where I needed financial support from my parents. 


I reached a point where I knew I needed to change my relationship with money and become financially independent. I started working with a finance coach and it transformed my life. Complete 180. Committing to getting my finances in order gave me a sense of security I’d never felt before, the ability to discover new income streams, and played a major role in healing my relationship with my parents.


During my journey, it was so important to have someone in my corner cheering me on through my wins and supporting me through the really hard moments. Now, as a financial freedom coach myself, I aim to be that support system for all of my clients. I specialize in working with artists, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs. 


I am here to support others on their path to financial freedom and tell meaningful stories.


A Gemini dream.

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