When I moved to NYC, I was waiting tables and teaching yoga to make ends meet while auditioning for roles; and I was FULL of shame when it came to money. You see, even though I started working at 16, I never learned how to manage my money and continued to fall into a cycle where I needed financial support from my parents. 


I reached a point where I knew I needed to change my relationship with money and become financially independent from my parents. Committing to getting my finances in order gave me a sense of security I’d never felt before and newfound confidence in myself and my abilities. 


During my journey, it was so important to have someone in my corner cheering me on through my wins and supporting me through the really hard moments. Now, as a financial freedom coach myself with Beyond the Green Coaching , I aim to be that support system for all of my clients. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I'm too scared and filled with shame to even begin.”

“I've tried to create budgets, but because my gigs are so inconsistent, they’re hard to use.”

“I feel like I’m drowning in my day to day and can’t catch up.”

“I feel like I can’t do what I love and make money.”


I hear this over and over from my clients. These are stories that artists and freelancers hear over and over and over again (myself included!!), but these stories are part of what’s holding us back from wealth and financial freedom. Working together, I help move my clients move out of that scarcity mindset and into the power of recognizing what can happen when you sit in the driver’s seat of your own life. 


I help you get out of the scarcity cycle by connecting you to your values, teaching you how to create actionable goals, and implementing systems for budgeting, debt repayment, and savings. 


You CAN make money as an artist or freelancer. 

You CAN get out of the paycheck to paycheck cycle. 

You CAN have a strategy that works for you and that you understand. 

You CAN do what you love and feel financially secure at the same time. 


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Manifest The Life You Want

Intention + effort - expectation = your ability to manifest

In this free workshop, you'll learn to identify what you actually value while releasing externally imposed values. By acknowledging what matters most to you, it becomes easy to align your goals with your budget. And when you are able to understand your goals and see the big picture, your budget will feel like the piece that's been missing your whole life.

This is budgeting with intention. This is creating the life you want.

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