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As an artist and healer, I love collaboration and believe in its power.

If you are looking to collaborate artistically, check out my contact page or send me an email


Below you will find my more integrated offerings. I am passionate about developing more self-awareness and curiosity- through developing these tools, I have found great creative inspiration and a sense of grounding in my work. My workshops and private sessions provide clarity and access to your internal toolkit and are a space to invite freedom into your life (and art!) through courageous self-awareness.


Sequenced specifically for actors & creatives to clear creative and artistic blocks and become more grounded in themselves. 

2022 workshop announcements coming soon! 

What people are saying:


"Rachel offers a beautiful balance of knowledge, energy, and grace. I love that I get a bit of a history and physiology lesson for context within the practice, and Rachel confidently and lovingly leads a practice for practitioners of all levels. I was proud of myself for committing to this selfcare practice and grateful to Rachel for her generosity of talent, expertise, and spirit."

"Really was so pleased and excited by the work. It felt well rounded enough in that everyone could gain something from it, but also particular enough in "subject" and practice for the performers/artists. Loved hearing about the creative chakras and using the exercises to draw energy from those sources. -Not sure this is well worded for how I actually feel but so very happy I joined in on this!"


1:1 with Rachel


Working with me, you'll learn:

- Confident auditioning that gets you booked.
-  Tell your story in 60-90 seconds.
- Making the text your own.
- Relaxation techniques for ease and confidence.
- Physical warm ups to give your best performance.

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"I hate monologues. I typically think they’re the worst way to show acting chops and I can’t understand why CDs ask for them. But when I worked with Rachel on a monologue audition, I changed my mind. She coached me perfectly to connect with the text, find the levels, and tell a through story in just a minute for each monologue. She has helped me with countless auditions over the years and I can definitely assume you her honest feedback and connected coaching will not disappoint. I highly recommend working with Rachel!"

- Mattie Jo Cowsert (actor & writer)


Body Scan + Relaxation

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of my personal meditation.


Pricing Available Upon Request

Building An Audition Book

Searchng for new material can feel so overwhelming- I know, I have been there. This workshop gives you the secret sauce to having a balanced, fun, type appropriate mix of monologues and sides to have ready and available when you need it. Offered in both a workshop and in private sessions.

Being Embodied On Camera​

How to embody your authentic self on camera, in any capacity. Especially good for those not in the acting or performance field who want to become more confident in presenting themselves on camera. Using some acting techniques, this workshop will teach the presence and skills needed to show up on camera as your beautiful, authentic self. 

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