Rachel Schmeling Yoga

My dream is to transform the world by holding space for people to first transform themselves. 


In 2015, I took my first yoga class. It was my last semester in college, and I registered at the recommendation from a friend after seeing her do crow pose. I dreamed of balancing on my hands and making beautiful shapes with my body. What I received was something even cooler; myself. Yoga drew me in with the strength, power and grace I felt on the mat. I had never felt ‘strong’ before; I had never been ‘athletic’ and yet here I was, literally bending over backwards, flying upside down . . . I felt connected to my body for the first time in a very long time- maybe ever. I felt more calm, grounded, and at ease .

This began my journey of true healing and coming home to myself. I have been in the tradition of yoga for over 6 years now and it reveals something new to me each day. I have also gained a deep respect and appreciation for my body and everything it can do. You will notice an alignment and anatomy focus in my offerings, but I do not believe you have to work to fit yoga- yoga will fit you, the tradition will meet you where you are at. Always. 


Yoga was a transformative experience for me; I share it today because I believe in the power of movement, breath, and curiosity about oneself. I believe that by taking intentional time to connect with oneself, incredible transformation can occur if we are open to it. This could be in the body, the mind, or the spirit and I think they're all connected anyhow.

I hold safe and inclusive space for all people and bodies to connect with themselves through yoga and meditation practices. 

My style is grounded and powerful and inspires an easeful relationship with your breath. 

I completed my 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Steph Wall (@stephwallyoga), and am currently pursuing my advanced 300 hour training with her. (expected to complete in early 2022). I have continued my education with additional certifications in the Laughing Lotus style (25 hrs) and from various trauma-informed programs (30+ hrs).


My schedule is below, and I am currently taking new private clients. 

COVID-19 POLICY: I am fully vaccinated and taking new private clients virtually and in person. I will provide any additional safety measures (sanitization, mask-wearing, etc) per clients' request. All Rachel Schmeling Yoga group sessions are hosted on Zoom, all class times listed in EST. 


Personal Sessions with Rachel

1:1 w/ Rachel (60 minutes) 

1:1 w/ Rachel (75 minutes) 

1:1 w/ Rachel (90 minutes) 

Semi-Private w/ Rachel (2-4 People)


Livestream Class Schedule

Wednesdays | 7:45 PM | BLISSFLOW

Sundays | 7:45 PM | BLISSFLOW

Sharing Vinyasa Yoga

1:1 Mentorship for yoga teachers

If you want to deepen your vinyasa yoga teaching skill set and embrace your authentic voice while teaching, let's work together.


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Tuesdays | 8PM | Various Events (see schedule!)

Saturdays | 1:00 PM | Power Vinyasa (45 Minutes)


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"Really great class. Rachel's voice talks you through a tough but comforting flow. Loved it."